Selling Tips


Follow this House Doctor advice and you will improve the value of your home AND sell it quicker

  1. DECLUTTER: Tidy EVERY room. Everything that is not used on a regular basis should be packed away. If buyers can’t even see a room, they will not be able to visualise themselves living in it.

  2. CLEAN:  Clean as you’ve never cleaned before. No one wants to live with another person’s dirt!  Don’t just do it once and then forget about it. You should organise a regular cleaning schedule whilst your property remains on the market.

  3. DEPERSONALISE:  Get rid of family photos and the children’s artwork.  Your buyers are not interested in your life. Let them concentrate on the spaces with which you hope they'll fall in love.

  4. NEUTRALISE:  The goal is to create a look that will appeal to the broadest possible audience.  Tone down your wall colours and floor coverings to provide a clean blank canvas.  Use stronger colours sparingly as accents to create a pleasing, well thought out scheme that runs throughout the house.

  5. KERB APPEAL:  The outside of your house is just as important as the inside. Remember first impressions count.  Is your house saying “I’m a lovely house, do come inside” or is it saying “Don’t bother with me, keep on driving!”.

6.  DIY:  Finish off all those little jobs you’ve been meaning to do for ages.  These small jobs, if left unfinished, can send signals that other, more important things may have been neglected as well.

7.  DEFINE EACH ROOM OR AREA: At elwell taylor - your buyers are imagining a lifestyle, so make sure they are clear where they can comfortably entertain, dine, study or play.

8.  ACCESSORISE:  Dress you rooms with carefully chosen and co-ordinated accessories. Use mirrors to maximise light and space. Use colour to tie the room together.  Don’t forget those finishing touches such as plants, fresh flowers and pleasing fragrances, which will appeal to your buyer’s senses.

9.  LIGHTING:  Be sure your lighting is sufficient. Upgrade to brighter bulbs, if necessary or invest in some new light fittings.

10.  PETS:  If you have pets, try to confine them to a specific area while you are selling your home.  Many people find animal presence offensive and the smell (to which you may have become accustomed) off-putting. Why alienate a potential buyer?

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Selling Tips